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Special Acoustic fabric SWALtradition 200 Black

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by linear meter
in 2.80 m width

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Availability : in stock

Delivery : From 21/05/2022

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Quantitiy < to 5.00 linear meter
in 2.80 m width
from 5.00 to 10.00 linear meter
in 2.80 m width
from 10.00 linear meter
in 2.80 m width to ∞
Prix 48.22 €  44.14 €  42.38 € 

The extra width fabrics for decoration and renovation projects, for wall decoration.

Description : Large width fabric, 100% polyester, thin weft.

Applications : Sound absorbing stretch fabric, decoration, stretch fabric.

Advises: Use for finish with our SWALsoft © acoustic fleece (or another system, like rock wool or glasswoll). Installation with Clip SWAL© CSW 108.

Proprerties : Textile with an excellente sound transparency. Does not lower the sound absorbing performance of fleeces, rock woll or glass wool. In contrary to SWALtex© acoustic, this fabric does not absorb sound by itself. The fleece does it.

Advises for ordering : On demand. Indicate hereby the number of linear meters (ml) needed (ex. 5,20 ml). Add 10 linear cm in order to install the cover/fabric.

Width: 2.80 meters wide

Weight / density: 220 g / square meter

Frame: Beautiful weaving. Gives the effect in a solid color.

Material: 100% polyester fiber

Maintenance: a vacuum cleaner about once a year in the case of normal use

Fire restistance: Fire resistant, M1 (according to EN 13773 class 1)

Ecology: Textile trust certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, no dangerous or harmful substances