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Stretch ceiling and stretch walls by the inventor of the system for stretch canvas

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Inventor of the clip system and pioneer of the modern stretch canvas, SWAL revolutionises the professions of upholsterer and decorator for the last 30 years.

30 years after its first prototype, the SWAL system is the solution for restoration works and interior decoration with stretch canvas.

Recognised and appreciated by the professionals for its simplicity, design and performance, the SWAL system is constantly evolving to bring you solutions for a installation with a long-lasting result and an incomparable finishing.

1990: The SWAL products starts to be commercialised massively all around the world: Germany, Dubai, United States... The system is largely appreciated.

SWAL is a French Company which know-how is exported to all continents.

CLAUDE SWAL, upholsterer-decorator, creates the first tensioning rail for the fitting of stretch fabric. Trained with traditional methods, he develops the idea of a revolutionary technique that allows to save time and adapt to the constraints.

In 1981, is born the SWAL method to stretch all types of flexible coatings. After many prototypes, he creates the first version which he uses for his own project: the rail Clip SWAL 105.

In 1986, a more accomplished version is launched. Claude SWAL patents his system and commercialise it among professionals. He travels around France and convinces the most imaginative artisans to adopt his method. Time saving, adaptability, easy installation and removal, all the ingredients to radically change the practices of upholstering fitting are in place.

Re-invent the tradition

In no time, the pioneering SWAL system finds its innovative partners. Claude SWAL provides instruction, demonstrations and participates in trade shows all over the world 5Bâtimant in France, Germany, etc).

His system is required more and more on the work sites. For many SWAL gives new horizons to this profession .

He signs distribution contracts with a world-scale textile group which commercialise his system. The method SWAL finds then a huge success everywhere in Europe, but also in emerging countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Russia...

The first stretch ceilings

SWAL launches other models of rails designed specifically for the fitting of stretch ceilings: they are distinguished by their original, simple and discreet installation technique.

Innovation at the heart of the Company

In 2003, the method SWAL finally authorises the the installation of stretch ceilings in PVC films SWALline, so much appreciated by the installers and decorators.

In 2005, our Company develops a totally new solution for upholstering SWALor thanks to a patented ingenious system of buttons SWAL.

Nowadays we continue to innovate and invent solutions that are simple, practical and design at the same time. New patent registered for the rail CSW 108 Optima and more still to come.