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The cold fitting stretch ceiling

The revolution in the stretch ceiling industry (without PVC)

The ceiling SWALtex, the solution for a perfectly tensioned ceiling.

position des profilés

Practical to either renovate or finishing a new construction, the ceilings in stretch canvas SWALtex integrates into your interiors, your lighting and covers all the irregularities, defaults and the technical elements on the ceiling (electrical cables, piping). The ceilings SWALtex come also in acoustic ceilings and printed ceilings (acoustic or standard).

Why choosing a stretch ceiling SWALtex? Unlike the PVC ceiling SWALline, this kind of ceiling can be installed at room temperature (installation known as "cold") and has a mat finishing. It has three shades of white (optical white, natural white and ecru white) with a soft touch, and it gives the ceiling a design appearance like drywall or plaster.

Installed with extra-large canvas SWALtex Expert Pro, SWALtex Acoustic or SWALprint, classical, acoustic or printed, the ceiling has neither joining nor stitching up to 5 metres large. The system of tension Clip SWAL provides a discreet and stylish finishing on the circumference of the treated surface.

position des profilés

The ceiling fitted at "room temperature" SWALtex is simply the combination of the most beautiful canvas on the market and the best rails for tensioning. To choose the products SWAL for your renovation project, is opt for the high quality.

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