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The printed canvas

Dare print: for decoration in large format.

SWALprint®personalizes your walls and ceilings with printed canvas in very large width. Working on a single machine park of trendy printers, we print your wildest dreams on our large width coated fabrics and high-end up to 5 meters width (unlimited length) for 100% custom and creative deco.

toile imprimée mur

How to choose my visual? There is no limit. We offer a suggestion of images and pictures in our catalog digital printing SWALthema® we realize regularly. You can either view the online images banks or provide your own photo if you are an amateur photographer (Picture resolution min. 360 dpi, and 10% of final size)

toile imprimée mur entreprise

Printing in very large canvases on the non-standard size turns impersonal spaces in amazing and unique place... Just Like you.

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Our professionals are present in your region. Contact us to have a quotation fitting included. Our sales team will get in touch with you quickly to obtain the technical elements of your project.

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Do your stretch ceiling or stretch wall yourself, thanks to our installation system Clip SWAL.
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