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Installation method

Fitting a cold or under heat stretch ceiling

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Installing rails to lower the ceiling level

Fitting the rails on the wall Clip SWAL CSW 200, in order to have suspended ceilings installed at room temperature or under heat in PVC film.

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Installation of rails to keep the height of the ceiling

Installing the rail Clip SWAL CSW 201 on the ceiling, classical for stretch ceilings (1cm from the original ceiling).

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Particularity of the heated fitting stretch ceiling (in PVC)

Heat the room at more than 40°C during the installation of the PVC film. Once heated, the PVC SWALline becomes malleable enough to be tensioned at the moment of the installation (the PVC can be extended up to around 30/40cm)
Use the Clip SWAL CSW 200 or CSW 201 for the fitting of a PVC film.

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Integration of spotlights

Fitting of the plastic backing washer to have a traditional light finishing integrated spotlight or spotlight on the PVC film.

Our modern spotlight support does not need backing washer, one need only a strong glue to stick the PVC film directly on the spotlight. The finishing is invisible and perfectly integrated to the suspended stretch ceiling.