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Acoustic walls and panels

Less noise as a result of acoustic correction Fleece + wall Canvas!

SWALacoustic is the solution to improve sound experience in your bedroom, living rooms or spaces where a perfect sounding is needed. We have developed two types of fleeces which contribute to noise absorbing in your interior.

How absorbing walls work? Covered by a fleece specially configured to absorbing high and medium frequencies, the fleece SWALsoft Acoustic covers all the reflective walls that breaks up and relay a bad quality sound.

wall with fabric

In decorative finishing, the wall textiles SWALtradition are ideal to keep the acoustic and absorbing performance of the fleece, as they are neutral to sound. For an optimal absorption, themicro-perforated canvas SWALtex Acoustic MHF will add its acoustic qualities, resulting an excellent listening.

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