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The art of stretch ceiling by SWAL system®

More than a ceiling

There are two families of stretch ceilings: the PVC ceilings SWALline® and polyester canvas ceilings SWALtex®.

position des profilés

Difficult to make a choice when you want to make over your ceiling. There are many choices and the stretch ceiling is still a new option to descover, despite 40 years of presence on the French market. The stretch ceilings offer plenty of advantages in comparison to a traditional solution: It offers new properties to the ceiling.

The stretch fabric ceilings SWALtex® are made up of a polyester canvas suspended with the help of a track system Clip SWAL®. This type of ceiling is just right for renovation projects and refurbishing intern spaces. A ceiling in an optical white tint, for maximum light reflection or in natural white tint for a plasterboard effect on a perfect finished ceiling. They are available in acoustic stretch ceiling or a printed canvas>.

position des profilés

The PVC stretch ceiling SWALline® is a benchmark for stretch ceilings. It is very popular with architects and interior designers for its satin-smooth or glossy appearance. The PVC ceiling membranes enlarge breadths and surfaces and decorate like no other material. It allows you to play with colours and is in different colour-scales, coloured in the mass.

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