The Stretch Ceiling by SWAL®

. False ceilings in polyester canvas or PVC film.
A choice of finish and colour

  • Tough
  • , Immaculate
  • , Ecological
  • You can install it yourself or get a professional to do it

The art of stretch ceiling by SWAL system®, more than a ceiling

glossy PVC ceiling

There are two families of stretch ceiling: the PVC ceilings SWALline® and the polyester canvas ceilings SWALtex®.

Difficult to make a choice when you want to re-do your ceiling. There are many choices and the stretch ceiling is still a solution to explore, despite having been around for 40 years on the French market. The stretch ceiling offers numerous advantages in relation to a traditional solution: It brings new properties to the ceiling for your home.

The stretch ceilings in textile SWALtex® are made up of a, a polyester canvas suspended with the help of a track clip system Clip SWAL®. This type of ceiling is just right for renovation projects and refurbishing inside spaces. A ceiling in an optical white hue, for maximum light reflection or a ceiling in natural white hue to give the effect of a plasterboard ceiling faultlessly finished. They are available in acoustic stretch ceiling or a printed canvas.

glossy PVC ceiling

The PVC stretch ceiling SWALline® is a benchmark for stretch ceilings. It is very popular with architects and interior designers for its satin-smooth or glossy appearance. The PVC ceiling membranes enlarge breadths and surfaces and decorate like no other material. It allows you to play with colours and is in different colour-scales, coloured in the mass.

Decorate intelligently

Our wall and ceiling solutions make the inside of your home more intelligent: With very little material and a formidable, effective technique developed by Claude Swal, it is easy to design sound absorbing walls, to create large scale video walls and stretch ceilings of great beauty... And even more.

A system without an ingenious harpoon

Our fixing system gives professionals and DIY enthusiasts the possibility of fixing stretch ceilings easily. The stretch ceilings created by SWAL are stretched/clipped thanks to a system of intelligent track equipped with ultra-hard wearing clips.

Ecological and Responsible

Our products are made directly in our factories in France. As SWAL is the global creator of the system, buying from SWAL is a quality guarantee and a responsible purchase.

The advantages of stretched canvas

Whether your ceiling is straight or arched, square, rectangular or curved, our system adapts perfectly to its original shape.

No tiresome or irritating work, the canvasses stretches perfectly and tightly without loosening over time.

    All kinds of ceiling can be treated or decorated with our stretch ceilings

  • Mansard ceiling
  • No adverse effects, no difficulty to fit, treat the ceiling in the same way as a horizontal ceiling.

  • French style oak beamed ceiling
  • No adverse effects. You have the choice of keeping the beams or fixing the ceiling between each of your beams for a superb effect.

  • Panelled ceiling
  • No adverse effects

  • Painted ceiling damaged by humidity
  • No adverse effects. Caution, in case of a leakage, repair the leak before fixing any stretch ceilings.

  • Ceilings with technical elements
  • A special plenum chamber is obligatory in the case in point. The platform will be fixed with the help of a track Clip SWAL® CSW 200.

  • Curved ceiling
  • Fix with flexible tension track Clip SWAL® CSW 200 or 201.

  • Ceiling with cable and pipe outlet
  • Fixing with obligatory plenum chamber. Ceiling fixing with wall mount (Clip SWAL® CSW 200)

  • Ceiling with lighting units
  • use our spotlight bulb supports