Polyester stretch ceiling without any PVC. Very wide coated fabric without seams or stitching. It is not necessary to heat the room for its implementation
More than 900 m² of acoustic printed canvas in the exhibition hall of the Chauvet Cave (Aurignacian area) . A bluffing and monumental reconstruction .
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Rehabilitation of Marseille courthouse with Swaltradition© canvases fully integrated special acoustic paneling to the courtroom .
More on this project
A range of PVC stretch ceilings, and contemporary design. 42 colors available , shiny finish, matt or satin.
Cinemas, exhibition halls , offices... Our solutions for acoustic walls and ceilings enhance hearing comfort of the interior spaces
Playing with light. Printing on backlight textile will make your interior design and real different interiors.
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Stretch canvas, walls and ceilings

The Benchmark for Stretch ceiling and stretch wall

Walls and ceilings dressed fashionably.For renovating or decorating, the stretch fabric and stretch ceiling stands out compared to traditional renovation and design solutions such as plasterboard or panelling. Thanks to the high-performing aesthetic system of track fixing bars from SWAL® and the in broadloom textile, the stretch canvas is the ingenious solution you're looking for.

To install walls or ceilings, the stretch canvas is decorative and brings new properties to interior walls and ceilings: Printed, light or acoustic, the thermal performance is unic and brings great acoustic comfort to the room are all improved by the fitting of a stretch canvas in residential spaces, shops, hotels and offices.

Compared to plaster and traditional painted ceilings, we offer a simple, quick effective and comprehensive solution which successfully provides stretch covering in France and around the world. SWAL®, is the benchmark for canvas tension systems for cold and hot stretch ceilings and stretch wall canvas