A coated stretch ceiling without PVC in extra-large size, without any joining nor stitching. Cold fitted, it is not necessary heating the room for its installation.
Rehabilitation of Marseille law courts with Swaltradition©special acoustic canvas, perfectly integrated to the court-room's panelling.
A variety of PVC stretch ceiling, design and contemporary. Available on 42 colours, brilliant, matt or satin finishing. This installation must be done under heat.
Home-theaters, exhibition centres, offices... Our solutions to acoustic walls and ceilings to improve hearing comfort in the interior spaces
More than 900m² of acoustic printed canvas at the exhibition hall of Chauvet Cavern (Aurignacian area). A breath-taking reconstitution.
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Play with light! Our printed back-lighted textile will make your interior truly stylish and different.
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Stretch canvas, walls and ceilings

The quality reference on Stretch Canvas

Walls and ceilings dress stylish. To renovate or decorate, the stretch fabric and the stretch ceiling stands out face to traditional solutions for renovation and fitting-out such as painting on drywall or panelling. Thanks to aesthetic and ultra-performing profiled sticks SWAL and extra-large textiles , the stretch canvas is the clever solution that you've been looking for.

Either on the wall or on the ceiling, the stretch canvas is ornamental and gives them a new life: printed, back-lighted or acoustic, the heating performance and the acoustic comfort is improved by the installation of a stretch canvas in your residence, shop, hotel or office.

In response to coatings and classical paintings, we offer a complete solution: quick, simple to use and efficient. That's what make the success of our stretched coatings in France and worldwide. SWAL, is the benchmark quality of canvas tension systems for cold fitted stretch ceiling, hot fitted stretch ceiling and stretch wall canvas.

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Easily make an outgoing angle

Check our Small Tutorial about how cutting the rails in order to easily achieve your outgoing angles with the system Clip SWAL.
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Do you have a fabric measuring 1.40m width? Make panels!

Your fabric has a small width of only 1.40m against 2.80m minimum from SWAL? No problem, make vertical regular joining. Only one vertical rail is needed to hold both fabrics, for a clean and neat junction!