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The benchmark for stretch canvas makers

Walls and ceilings dressed fashionably. For renovating or decorating, the stretch fabric and stretch ceiling stands out compared to traditional renovation and design solutions such as plasterboard or panelling. Thanks to the high-performing aesthetic system of track fixing bars from SWAL® and the in broadloom textile, the stretch canvas is the ingenious solution you're looking for.

For fitting walls or ceilings, the stretch canvas is decorative and brings new properties to interior walls and ceilings: Printed, light or acoustic, the thermal performance and bringing acoustic comfort to the room are all improved by the fitting of a stretch canvas in residential spaces, shops, hotels and offices.

Compared to plaster and traditional paint, we offer a simple, quick effective and comprehensive solution which successfully provides stretch covering in France and around the world. SWAL®, is the benchmark for canvas tension systems for cold and hot stretch ceilings and stretch wall canvas

Decorate intelligently

Our wall and ceiling solutions make your interiors smarter: with very little material and a formidable effective technique developed by Claude Swal, it's easy to create sound absorbing walls, large-framed picture walls and stretch ceilings of great beauty... An even more too.

A system without an ingenious harpoon

Our fixing system gives professionals and DIY enthusiasts the possibility of easily fitting stretch ceilings. The stretch ceilings created by SWAL are stretched/clipped thanks to an intelligent track system equipped with ultra-durable clips.

Ecological & Responsible

Our products are made directly in our factories in France. As SWAL is the world inventor of the system, buying from SWAL is a quality guarantee and a responsible purchase.

The advantages of stretch canvas

Whether your ceiling is straight or arched, square, rectangular or curved, our system adapts perfectly to its original shape.

No tiresome or annoying work, the canvas stretches perfectly and tightly without loosening over time.


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12/05/2012: SWAL® exhibits at the Grand Palais: The globally renowned artist Buren uses the SWAL® system in his art work with giant translucent canvasses.

18/06/2012: Official opening of the SWAL® Showroom, come and discover our products in Lyon

18/06/2012: The 2012 catalogue, Luxury edition is available for professionals


Complete renovation, covering for a pizzeria. The problem: modernising and acoustically treating these large and very noisy spaces! The solution: cover all the walls and ceiling in our acoustic solution. The result: an ultra-designer finish and exceptional performance!